Content on Professional Development Opportunities

The increased interest in home visiting over the past decade has led to an increase in training opportunities, not only for model programs but also for developing home visiting skills common to those who provide family-based services in the home. Home visitors, supervisors, and directors need knowledge and skills across many common topics, regardless of whether one uses a specific model or not. For example, home visitors need the ability to establish rapport and create a working relationship with families; they need to be culturally sensitive and aware of ways to modify interventions based on family needs; they need to be knowledgeable about health and safety situations in the home; and they need to be skilled in professional issues such as confidentiality and record keeping.

Content on professional development is grouped under 3 headings:

  • Section A: General Home Visiting Training Programs-- information is given for training on issues common across home visitors, such as training on enhancing parent-child relationships or on conducting home visits;
  • Section B: Evidence-Based Home Visiting Training Programs--training for evidenced-based home visiting models (as identified by HomVEE) is listed; and
  • Section C: Other Home Visiting Model Programs -- training for other home visiting models is provided.