Illustrative Research Studies

The following is a list of relatively recent research articles on home visiting selected to illustrate the range of research being conducted in the field.  Topics include home visiting program effectiveness, importance of mother-home visitor relationships, child maltreatment, and program quality issues.

  1. Ammerman, R.T., Putnam, F.W., Bosse, N.R., Teeters, A.R., & Van Ginkel, J.B. (2010). Maternal depression in home visitation: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 15, 191-200.
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Additional Research: The US Department of Health and Human Services Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVee) website provides an extensive list of research articles that were part of HomVEE’s comprehensive review of home visiting program models designed for families with pregnant mothers and children up to five years of age.  Article references can be found by selecting an item listed under the Outcomes and Implementation tabs on HomVee’s website. 

An extensive annotated bibliography on home visiting is in preparation and will be posted on the website in the fall of 2012.